Paw Balm
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Paw Balm

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We know how important self-care is. Shouldn't it be for your fur friends too? 

We have formulated a Paw Balm that relieves your pet's cracked, dry paws. Help provide your pets protection from the elements with our butter and oil rich formula. Soothing beeswax provides a moisturizing barrier on your pet's paws for extra defense.


Each Paw Balm is 3.0 ounces

How to use: Massage into paw pads. Allow to absorb leaving a light coat of protection. Store in a cool, dry area. 

Product will melt if stored above 75 degreed

Keep out of reach of children and pets

Ingredients: apricot oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, mango butter